Some home owners want to do the gardening them selves and they go to the local gardening mega store with a very simple question and are given the wrong advice and they are even more confused. I meet with the costumer myself and I do the actual application my self and no job is to small or to large. I feel I can help you identify problems with your landscaping due to my 22 years of experience and a landscape major from Modesto J.C. I also may be one of the few applicators that offers soil testing to help you figure out if soil ph corrections are needed.

Not only home owners, but commercial areas, vacant lots, oil field service to control weeds around tank settings, pipelines, and wells, can all be treated and if you need to weeds removed this can also be accomplished.

Ok you have gophers well I offer a few control choices, from live trapping and removal of the squirrels to baiting of gophers, trapping and gassing of gophers and yes even the caddy shack device yes that’s right they took a crazy movie part and developed it into a very functional system that delivers great results in large turf areas and or planters.

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