lawn careTechnical Spray Services in Bakersfield offers a plan although it may be a one time application to help your gardeners get a hand on your weed problems, to a quarterly service, applying only the needed chemicals that have over the years proven to be very successful. I offer to the client different options and its explained using common every day language so as not to confuse the client, over the years many home owners have moved from other parts of the country and they have no idea what types of weeds they have or how to deal with them.

Some home owners want to do the gardening them selves and they go to the local gardening mega store with a very simple question and are given the wrong advice and they are even more confused. I meet with the costumer myself and I do the actual application my self and no job is to small or to large. I feel I can help you identify problems with your landscaping due to my 22 years of experience and a landscape major from Modesto J.C. I also may be one of the few applicators that offers soil testing to help you figure out if soil ph corrections are needed… READ MORE

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